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The following are examples of "press" generated over the years.

AutoVino Press release:  By principal-Buff Giurlani

   "Don Rudd, owner of Rudd Restoration Consultants, provides the expertise and experience necessary to maintain and restore the fine automobiles found at AutoVino, a preserve for Fine Cars and Wine"

Forza Magazine, issue number 10, Pp 42/The

  Winston Goodfellow visits perfectionist Dane Prenovitz, director of the Dani Investment Collection- "Our Black beauty was bought on August 19, 1994 as a nice, basically original driver.  Its ground-up restoration was executed by Mike Regalia (all cosmetics) and Don Rudd (mechanicals).  "We did s/n 17001 to compete at the national Ferrari meets" Prenovitz says.  Our goal was to create a car a little more subdued than s/n 14699.

  Prenovitz chose Regalia and Rudd because of their reputations.  'Mike knew how to interpret what judges wanted in terms of authenticity'...'he did the diagnostic check before purchase.  He liked the car and felt it was the right Daytona Spyder to  restore...With 17001, everything is more toned-down.  We went with how it was originally built, only with a higher standard of workmanship.  Don Rudd was a great source of information, since he had been a technician back when the Daytona Spyders were new"

Tom Patrick, CPA

  I met Don Rudd over the telephone while looking for parts for my 308.  When I requested an air conditioner switch, he asked "why?"  He then proceeded to explain how the system worked and how to really test the switch.  "Just open the ash tray, lift out the insert, unscrew the two slotted-head screws, and lift the console.  Find the yellow wire...."  I asked what book he was looking at.  He said "no book, just memory"  OK...........

   When we were finally able to meet, I had him do a "quick" car adjustment, where he was able to make my car actually run, for the first time.  I later asked when I should consider rebuilding my 308 engine.  Again, he asked "why?"  I said that I would really like more power, but didn't want to the rebuild prematurely.  Don said that I would be a very old man before the engine needed rebuilding.  If I want more power, let's just do it!

  Let's just say the increase in displacement and cam/carburetor/ignition package that he made for me is, well, WOW!  And its been that way for over 10 years, needing only routine and requisite cam belt replacements.  His services are thorough and complete; I just get to DRIVE my car with utmost satisfaction (and occasionally embarrass some of the bigger guys!)

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